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Leading Dentist in San Francisco

Meet Dr. Kuhn DDS., a leading dentist in San Francisco.

Dr. Thomas Kuhn relies on his decades of experience to provide exceptional dental care to his beloved San Francisco community.

His best friend was the son of a dentist, as was the father of one of his first girlfriends. His positive interactions with these doctors set him on his career path leading him to become a leading dentist in San Francisco.

From a young age, Dr. Kuhn's career has blended art, engineering, and dental science with fascinating results. As a young man, he found himself surrounded by inspiring dentists, beginning with his own in Detroit, Michigan.

As a teen, Dr. Kuhn discovered a love of art. Wanting to pair this passion with his desire to help heal people, he decided on a career in dentistry. He completed his pre-dental degree at Wayne State University before achieving his DDS at the University of Detroit Dental School in 1967. Following his graduation, he was commisioned as the Senior Dental Surgeon at the US Public Health Service Hospital in San Francisco, bringing Dr. Kuhn to his new home on the west coast. He set up a private practice in 1969 and has been healing the people of San Francisco ever since.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the San Francisco Dental Association. He has been a member of numerous study clubs and the American Acadamy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He has been the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions over his years of medical service leading him to become a leading dentist in San Francisco.

Dr. Kuhn's compassion for his community extends beyond his San Francisco dentist office. As an active outdoorsman, he's worked with many environmental groups such as The Coalition to Save Ocean Beach and the Parks Commision. He's donated his time and efforts to the VA Medical Center and others.

When not in the office, you will find Dr. Kuhn and his wife enjoying their Japanese garden and the many birds that come to visit on a daily basis.

He continues to bring his kind spirit and intellectual curiosity to his work, forever learning about the newest techniques and practices. He enjoys the caring and pleasant atmosphere the staff has created with the best San Francisco Dentists at Pacific Heights Dental, and he hopes to continue to practice for many years to come.

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Dr. Kuhn readies his record breaking yo-yo for flight in 1979. It weighs over 256 pounds!

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An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Kuhn has worked with many conservation efforts. Here he shares his love for yo-yos with some of his animal friends.

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Dr. Kuhn applies his rigorous standards to all his projects - dental or otherwise!

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“Yo-Yo’s made in the USA for the Art of Play”

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