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Dentures in San Francisco

Affordable and time-tested approaches to tooth loss: Dentures in San Francisco.

Even the most responsible brushers may find themselves needing some dental help later in life. Our patients who get dentures in San Francisco prefer this proven and economical approach to tooth loss over other methods.

While modern dentistry offers a wealth of options for tooth replacement, full or partial dentures are a time-tested and more affordable choice for many of our patients who get dentures in San Francisco.

Dentures come in two varieties, full or partial. If you're just missing a few teeth along the dental arch, partial dentures may be the right solution for you. If you've lost all the teeth along the top, bottom, or both then you’ll need full dentures to regain your smile.

Our dentures are crafted from metal and acrylic and snap into place over your existing gums. For many, simple suction or adhesives will keep your dentures in place, but others may require a dental implant to provide an anchor.

Dentures may be the solution for any patient missing one or more teeth. While other options are available, for some patients, dentures provide a comfortable solution. To decide what treatment is right for you, contact our San Francisco dentist team about dentures in San Francisco today. Our dentists will guide you through your full range of options and find the perfect plan to restore your smile.

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