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Metal Free Dentistry in San Francisco

With Metal Free Dentistry in San Francisco, our patients are discovering an alternative to traditional Dentistry.

Modern advances in dentistry have yielded new approaches to old problems. At Pacific Heights Dental, we're proud to provide many healthy options for your procedures. As a premier practice using metal-free dentistry in San Francisco , we use cutting-edge technology to preserve your smile with more advanced, biocompatible materials.

For many years, metal fillings, crowns, and other dental prostheses were the only option patients had for many common ailments. Research has shown that many of these treatments were not only unsightly but potentially damaging and possibly even a health risk.

Filling a tooth with a metal material causes discoloration. The metal reacts poorly to temperature changes, reshaping and expanding. This shift can cause additional damage to the tooth, as well as create new spaces for bacteria, and therefore allow decay to take root. To place these fillings, your San Francisco dentist must remove part of the tooth structure. This process can cause chipping and fracturing and is potentially damaging to your tooth.

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At Pacific Heights Dental, we believe that the best treatment is the most advanced treatment. Our team offers composite fillings, which not only alleviates many of the concerns associated with metal fillings but also dries to an aesthetically pleasing white color. The composite filling is blended with adhesive and does not require the removal of the existing structure, preserving the health of the tooth. The material is made from glass and plastic and does not contain any harmful metal additives like mercury.

With more significant repairs, we've introduced Zirconia Crowns. We use zirconium to craft replacement materials for tooth restoration. This incredible biocompatible material is safer and stronger than traditional Porcelain Crowns. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to chips and wear.

Our metal-free dentistry in San Francisco has alternatives which include:

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