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Dr. Chrissy Kenerson, DDS is our premier Dentist in San Francisco

Hailing from the East Coast, Dr. Chrissy Kenerson grew up in New Jersey, where she also attended dental school. Dentistry is an intersection of the arts and sciences, and her interest in both sparked her passion for dentistry from a young age.

Creating a beautiful smile requires extensive study of smile design concepts and the ability to apply these concepts with fine motor control. Her commitment to art and sewing over the years has facilitated this essential dexterity and exacting care.

Dr. Kenerson attended Georgetown University where she graduated cum laude and formed a strong base in the sciences with a pre-med concentration. From there, she went onto Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, providing comprehensive care in a clinical setting while also continuing in her didactic education. She completed her residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, exposing her to medically complex patients in a hospital setting. She previously practiced in Manhattan before moving to California and joining the Pacific Heights Dental team.

Dr. Kenerson is a charismatic, warm dentist offering a variety of dental treatments from fillings and crowns to extractions and root canals. She believes strongly in acting as a skillful communicator to her patients, educating them on oral health maintenance and explaining in depth any recommended procedures. She strives to establish open communications with her patients and empower them to make their own decisions.

In her spare time, Dr. Kenerson enjoys exploring both California and the world with her husband, Dan, and spending time with her family. She loves to scuba dive and play golf. She is active and loves the outdoor activities California has to offer.

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