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At Pacific Heights Dental, we believe it’s a privilege to work with each one of our patients. We work hard to create an environment where you feel comfortable, informed, and safe.

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Here in our Fillmore District dentist office, you are an active partner in your treatment. We will help you navigate any number of options to find the best solutions for you and your family.

Our team of doctors, hygienists, assistants, and staff is proud to serve the people of San Francisco with all of their dental needs. We look forward to working with you to protect your smile.

Dr. Aja Hall

If not for a fateful encounter with a sandwich, Dr. Aja Hall may have never discovered her true calling. Biting too hard into a heavy meal, a fourteen-year-old Dr. Hall injured herself, leading to a painful, lingering case of lockjaw.

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Dr. Thomas Kuhn

From a young age, Dr. Kuhn's career has blended art, engineering, and dental science with fascinating results. As a young man, he found himself surrounded by inspiring dentists, beginning with his own in Detroit, Michigan.

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Dr. Peter jacobsen

Born into a proud military family, Dr. jacobsen traveled all over the world, experiencing different cultures first-hand. He attended Florida State University before returning to San Francisco and enrolling at the University of California seeking his Ph.D. in Comparative Pharmacology.

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Dr. Jaewoong Choi

Dr. Choi's journey has been directed by two ideals; intellectual curiosity and service to his community. Born in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Choi emigrated to the Bay Area in High School. He attended the University of California at Berkely were he studied Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. It was during his time at Berkely that he discovered a love for dentistry.

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Dr. Daniel Clark

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Clark attended dental school at the University of Michigan. Upon receiving his doctorate of dental surgery, he moved out to San Francisco where he completed a residency in Periodontics at the University of California San Francisco.

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